1. How It Works

MR SAPEUR is a highly curated global style shopping experience. We link talented artisans with sartorial men. Once an artisan becomes part of the MR SAPEUR, they are provided with a shop to showcase their products and a page for their bio allowing customers to truly understand the vision of their brand.

  1. Who is responsible for shipping?

Our artisans are in charge of shipping their pieces to customers.

  1. Can I use any type of photo for my shop?

There are set standards for any photo used on the MR SAPEUR. This allows us to maintain a nice clean and chic look.

  1. What happens when I receive an order?

When you receive an order, we handle the payment from the buyer and send you an email immediately with the details of the order: the buyer’s name, delivery address, the piece(s) that they bought and what shipping method. You then ship the order to the customer.

  1. What are your fees and how do I get paid?

MR SAPEUR only charges a 20% commission on the retail price of the piece. MR SAPEUR does not charge commissions on shipment prices. Once the order has shipped, we hold the payment for 10 working days (in case there are returns and refunds) before your payment is cleared and goes into a queue with disbursements made to our designers every 1st and 15th of the month.

  1. How do returns or refunds work?

Designers set their own guidelines in regards to returns or refunds. However, we require that all designers offer a full refund (including the original shipping but excluding the return shipping) if the customer requests one within seven (7) days of receipt of the piece and returns the piece to the designer.

  1. Do I have to sign any contracts?

There are no formal contracts to sign but as with most websites, you need to agree to our Terms of Use and Seller Agreements.


The first step is to fill out the online application. Once you have been approved becoming part of MR SAPEUR is an easy process. We will send you all the information you need and we will set up your page for you.

Joining MR SAPEUR is free. We only take a commission when a purchase is made. MR SAPEUR takes a 20% commission.

Once a purchase is made you will receive an email with the order details. Once you ship the item out we hold the money for approximately 15 days just in case there are returns or refunds. After this brief holding period your money is delivered to your pay pal account. Disbursements made to our brands will go out on the 15th and the 30th

MR SAPEUR believes the most important part of any companies branding is their packaging. You fulfill all shipments so customers can fully experience your brand.

We believe the standard for refunds or returns should be set by each brand. Men’s underwear may stipulate no refunds due to hygienic reasons. However, if the customer meets the set requirements for a return within 7 days of receiving the item and returns it to the company we require a full refund including initial shipping fees.